Simba Scholars

School-editedMany pastoralist children are unable to attend school as their families cannot afford the fees. Therefore, RCP established a competitive scholarship programme to enable promising students to attend secondary school – this will improve their chances of future employment and will have a long-term benefit for them personally, their families and the wider community.

Each year, RCP works with the villagers and schools to select the most able girls and boys from local pastoralist families, and provides them with a full scholarship through all 4 years of secondary school. As of 2014, this cost $2000 for a four-year scholarship, with funds provided by individuals, zoos, schools and conservation organisations. So far, we have been able to fund 5-6 students a year, but are very keen to expand this to provide greater community benefit.

Simba Scholars 2013 with Zawadiana

If you are interested in sponsoring a Simba Scholar, then please contact Amy Dickman on Thank you!

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