RCP Update January 2016

Here is the latest update from the field – it has been a hectic rainy season with the El Nino rains, which led to lots of flooding, but the team have been working extremely hard, and we are moving forwards with a wide variety of community conservation initiatives. Thanks again to all our supporters, as there is no way we could do our work without you. RCP Update Dec 15 Jan 16

Tusk video summarising RCP’s work

Here is the video that was used for the Tusk award nomination – it provides a good overview of RCP’s work and the reasons why we think it is is important: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAxx8dAIrCU

2014 Annual report

2014 report cover

RCP annual report for TAWIRI 2014 The annual report that we write for TAWIRI (the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute) is now available, so please have a look if you are interested as it gives a comprehensive overview of our work. Thanks to all our supporters through 2014 – it was a great year and so far, 2015 is proving very good as well!

Join RCP’s expedition!


Become a virtual explorer of the wildest place in Africa, the Ruaha Landscape, with RCP’s Ruaha Explorers’ Club. REC members pay a fee to sponsor one of our camera traps as it moves throughout this relatively uncharted area. RCP uses camera traps on park and village land to collect data on large carnivores and their prey species. Each camera’s images and GPS coordinates are posted on a Facebook page designated for that camera, giving Explorers a unique insight into the work of RCP and the wonders of Ruaha’s wildlife. All proceeds go to support the carnivore conservation work of the Ruaha Conservation Project. More cameras are being put out soon, so put your pith helmet on and your feet up and let Africa come to you! For more information on this fun and educational initiative, visit our Facebook page. To inquire about sponsoring a camera, message us on Facebook.


Serval camera-trapped near Ruaha River Lodge

We just thought we would share some of our camera-trapping images – this is a lovely photo of a serval camera-trapped near Ruaha River Lodge. These cats are very elusive and hard to see, so it was great to get such a clear photo of one!

Village clinic almost ready!

Thanks to the UK Rotary Club, we have managed to order all the equipment needed to fully equip a healthcare clinic in Kitisi, the village where the project is based. We have been in contact with local MPs and officials, and hope to have the clinic open in early March. This will be hugely important clinic for local people, and will demonstrate a very clear benefir to local people from the presence of the project – and therefore large carnivores – on village land. Thanks again, Rotary Club, and we will keep you all posted on development.

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